Causes and Symptoms

This term implies inflammation of the larynx and in particular the vocal cords. The most common would be viral episodes of upper respiratory infection giving rise to hoarseness due to swelling of the vocal cords. Occasionally, the symptoms can be quite severe and patient may lose their voice altogether. At this time, it is important to rest the voice and to allow the condition to resolve itself, which it does in the vast majority of instances. If however the patient was to shout or scream during the inflamed episode, then this runs the risk of causing bleeding under the surface of the vocal cord lining, which can ultimately result in polyp formation.

In children, there can be a viral infection which affects the larynx extending to the trachea and bronchi. This is called croup. Because the child’s airway is much smaller than an adult, even minimal swelling as a result of a viral infection can give rise to difficulties of breathing.

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    Occasionally, the symptoms can be quite severe and patient may lose their voice altogether.

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